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about click to phone

ClicktoFone is a specialist provider of leading edge click to call service that allows your online visitors to speak with you or your call centre operators with the click of a mouse. The ClicktoFone button can be placed anywhere on your web site, email, web page, classified ad, web directory, banner ad, hyperlink or email attachment.

ClicktoFone is a cost effective solution that will help you convert more visitors into paying customers. ClicktoFone's click to call service will enable your customers to contact you directly from your web page. Your customer service representatives can then interact with them and answer all relevant questions. This product facilitates a function that is fundamental to establishing a mutually beneficial relationship between you and your customers. Most importantly Clicktofone's click to call service is a instant connection with no time delays.

Customers want immediate answers to their questions. They want to know NOW - not within days or even hours of filing a request. The ClicktoFone button enables your customers to communicate with you at the click of a mouse. Happy customers will buy from you today, tomorrow, next week and even next year. ClicktoFone provides a single-click, real-time customer assistance option so your customers can easily contact your representatives.

Consider the opportunities this will present for your skilled employees to close the sale! By communicating with your customers in real time, you can answer their questions, address concerns, and then complete transactions all within a matter of moments.

Statistics show that ClicktoFone's click to call service will help to reduce website abandonment by a click of a button and therefore increase your companies’ revenues and improve customer satisfaction.

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